Aljan Scholtens

I'm Aljan Scholtens, a Dutch interface designer.

Often, I wonder why I work as hard as I do. Is it about money? Or about fame? No, for me it's not. Frankly, I don't care about money or fame. For me it's about the people behind a project who believe in what they do. Who believe in the purpose of their project to make the world a better place. Those people inspire me and push me beyond my limits. I support.

As a creative director, I want to get as close as possible to those values. Together with my amazing team at Studio Wolf I can achieve this. We design interfaces for the web for all devices based on the principles of adaptive design.

Adaptive design has seven main characteristics: purpose, content, brand, universality, performance, flexibility and workflow. We achieve the customer's goals by showing content everywhere on any device (from Google's Glass to the oldest smart phones) with great consideration for performance, flexibility and brand while working with an iterative and involved workflow.

I'd like to hear your story. Drop me a message!